CA5400(CAT 5400 is code from ASCII table) – cat with the abilities of Spiritism.He wakes up in cyber fantasy world where people are making experiments on cats and the parallel universe(spirit world).Humans were so excited on experiments that they didn’t get that were making a holes in their world and spirit universe as a result of which spirits started attacking the people from real world,and people hide over the big cities with domes as well as in small villages.


The main goal of the project is to create a universe in which there will be many: Indie, Time Management, Tower Defense, Runners, Racing and any other games created for different target audience. All these games will be linked together by one platform/lobby, which therefore is also a life simulator game and is a house with cute monsters that live there. Monsters will become the main characters in all games. Thus, the house is the launching pad for games, and the characters living in it – this is the link between these games – are friends with whom it is fun to dive into the world of adventure. Thanks to this scheme, each new game will use existing traffic and each new game will add users not only for themselves, but for other already existing games.


Post-apocalyptic world of robots. The surface of the world is completely covered with scrap metal, over which fly aggressive robots-vultures.

The main character – the Cat is the result of a scientific experiment. He awoke from cryo in an abandoned, scientific laboratory and found the world in ruins. In the laboratory, he found his mistress in the cryocapsule, but it was not possible to awaken her, for this a detail is needed, which he must find. The cat climbed into an exoskeleton with two gravel claws for the extraction of useful metal scrap.

The story is beginning…