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VR & metavarse

Designing stunning, real-time visual effects for interactive applications and games. Creating immersive and interactive experiences for virtual and augmented reality platforms. Expertise in integrating assets and effects into popular 3D game engines like Unreal Engine.

Actez temple

Aztec Temple project was created for exhibition in Singapore. The project is VR multiplayer game in which you need to solve some quests to open a pyramid.

This video just demonstrate the quality which we can achieve with Unreal Engine 4 for VR Games.

Space shuttle

Space Shuttle is the project of environment for sci-fi game shooter. This environment consists of modular objects that allow you to quickly and efficiently create different scenes for the game. Scene is VR game ready. All parts is low-poly, properly unwrapped and PBR textured.

Pavilion presentation

The goal of this project was to create interactive presentation for an even. The main feature of the presentation is the possibility to walk around and inside the pavilion, to enable the user to change the color scheme of the object as well as a demo mode in which the automatic camera rotation around the pavilion takes place.
For this reason we chose an Unreal Engine 4 as a good opportunity to achieve the best quality with implementing some logic and interactive elements.
We did this project for our partner Lightcache Studio.

ROOM 404

Presentation for ROOM 404 place.
The main idea of this project was to show the space of the interior. We collaborated with the interior designer and embodied all his ideas in the presentation.
At the second stage, we created an interactive presentation in which we gave the customer the opportunity to choose among several options for wall, ceiling and floor materials.

Interior demo

Our own interior presentation project based on which we have learned how to work with architectural objects in the Unreal Engine 4.
This project gave us an understanding how to work with architecture lightning, materials, compositions and design inside Unreal Engine. Also we developed our pipeline for optimal workflow and the preparation of 3ds max models for visualization in UE4.