NFT Project

Set of assets for NFT project. 

We created a series of haircuts, accessories, eyebrows for using in NFT generation process

The main difficulty in creating the project was that the style changed in the process of work. But by the end of the project, we came to hand paint textures with stylish render.


The goal of this project was creating a set of assets (in this particular situation it was hats) which can be used in clients generator to combine and render NFT images
From client we got 2d images which was converted into 3d assets and positioned it on his model for better and smooth generation process


Aztec Temple project was created for exhibition in Singapore. The project is VR multiplayer game in which you need to solve some quests to open a pyramid. 

This video just demonstrate the quality which we can achieve with Unreal Engine 4 for VR Games


Space Shuttle is the project of environment for sci-fi game shooter. This environment consists of modular objects that allow you to quickly and efficiently create different scenes for the game. Scene is VR game ready. All parts is low-poly, properly unwrapped and PBR textured