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Mastersolution show

Product idea

Implementing topics in moving images is a key requirement for learning and communication scenarios today. With the mobile 3D film studio mastersolution SHOW you can produce professional explanatory films, virtual 3D presentations or learning videos in-house. Based on classic presentations, images, videos and 3D objects, video blogs, training videos, blended learning scenarios and even specialist TV formats are effectively produced with your own resources. This is of a very good standard with a high recognition value at the same time.

How it works

With mastersolution SHOW, you can choose from different virtual studios and implement the customer-specific design (CI) with just a few settings. Completely new studio worlds can also be created at the customer’s request. Start your individual film production!

The highlight of the current version is the completely new technical platform with an optimized user interface and numerous new features. With the new Composure function, you can now edit videos retrospectively within the software. Updates or the creation of a video in different versions no longer require an extra recording.

How it works


  • Innovative technological platform (UE4)
  • Flexible creation of the presentation: Support of various image (JPG / PNG) and video formats (MP4) as well as PowerPoint
  • Integrated integration of 3D objects (GLTF format)
  • Switch from portrait to landscape for recordings with multiple speakers
  • Creation of slide-specific additions (subtitling) directly within the software
  • Keying: 1-click keying & optional setting of the keying color
  • Video post-processing with the Composure function: i.e. For a film that has been recorded once, all aspects can be changed subsequently – with the same speaker, any number of variants of a film can be created without a new recording
  • Individual studio worlds in corporate design, with additional options such as the creation of several recording areas and / or projection surfaces (integration of images or videos in defined areas)
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